Porsche Gets Green Light To Build Mission E Cross Turismo (Read - Taycan Wagon)

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Porsche Gets Green Light To Build Mission E Cross Turismo (Read - Taycan Wagon)

It looks like enthusiasts are going to get the electric car of their dreams, because Porsche has just greenlit series production of the Mission E Cross Turismo. It's a crossover-slash-wagon variant of the Mission E that is being produced under the Taycan name, which means that this new electric wagon is likely to be called the Taycan Cross Turismo.

Purely for the fact that it is a wagon will enthusiasts go crazy for it, as they do for all shooting-brake designs - although it is more likely an electric SUV that will really captivate the market and net Porsche the sales figures it needs to justify such large investments.

But there's a great economic benefit to this, as Porsche has created 300 new jobs at its headquarters in Zuffenhausen for the production of this vehicle alone. The electric wagon is going to use the same 800-volt architecture that Porsche has settled on for their electric vehicles, with an output of 600 hp and a range of 500 km under the NEDC test cycle.

Fast charging will be available as well, so it's best to push for electric infrastructure in your town/city/state to make these electric vehicles a more sustainable proposition. As great as electric cars are, it's a frustrating user experience when you're constantly tethered to slow-charging three-pin plug outlets.

As is with the Taycan, this Taycan Cross Turismo or Mission E Cross Turismo is designed to be carbon-neutral in production in order to meet sustainability goals. Porsche is willing to commit a whopping six billion Euros or more in electromobility between now and 2022.

The Taycan is slated for market introduction in 2019, and this electric wagon isn't going to be far behind. If you're going to look for a fun electric car, there's going to be no better place than a company with decades of racing history.

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