Precision Dancing Plus Driving - This Honda HR-V Ad Is Wicked!

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Precision Dancing Plus Driving - This Honda HR-V Ad Is Wicked!

This latest ad by Honda UK seems to have taken a page out of the script of the movie Step Up, before giving it an automotive twist.

In this latest TV commercial for the Honda HR-V, titled 'Stepping,' Honda combined the art of precision driving with precision dancing.

Set against the background music of '90s era UK hit single 'Incredible' by M-Beat featuring General Levy, the brilliantly choreographed moves here took six weeks of rehearsals to perfect. Every movement in this minute-long commercial is intended to point to Honda's prowess in precision engineering, before ending with the line 'Precisely, Pleasingly, Perfect.'

Just watch the ad below.

We couldn't agree more. We have sung enough praises for the Honda HR-V already in our review. There is just nothing else on the market that compares to it, and we especially love its brilliantly space-efficient cabin.

There are also several more videos of the same theme, each promoting specific features of the HR-V. If you are wondering why the engine note sounds a lot rougher than usual, that's because in the UK, the HR-V is mostly sold with a 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine.



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