Red Light Running Toyota Hilux Crashes And Flips, Highlights Importance Of Dash Cams

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Red Light Running Toyota Hilux Crashes And Flips, Highlights Importance Of Dash Cams

You are driving along your usual route back home, the traffic light is green, you cruise ahead at the same speed, and then suddenly another car comes into view, you both crash.

Unless there is a traffic monitoring camera installed at the intersection, such accidents are difficult to solve. Often times, the police investigation will go nowhere as it will be a case of ‘he said she said.’

The incident captured in the video below happened in Australia. As you can see, the driver was driving normally, on a quiet road at night with no other drivers around him.

The traffic light was green, he maintained his pace and cruised towards the intersection but a Toyota Hilux ran a red light, got T-boned and flipped. According to the uploader, nobody was hurt and occupants in the Hilux only suffered minor scratches.  

Had it not for the dash cam installed, the driver would have had a lot of difficulty explaining his innocence to the police. Imagine if the Hilux owner was distracted, didn’t realize that the lights have turned red. In his mind, it is possible that he genuinely believed that he didn’t run a red light, leading to messy ‘he said she said’ situation.

Dash cams only cost a few hundred Ringgit but it’s prudent to pay a bit more for a higher quality unit that shoots in 1080p with good low light performance. A dash cam is useless if it can’t capture the number plate of the vehicle ahead at night.

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