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Rovelo Tyres - High On Quality, Affordable In Price


Rovelo Tyres - High On Quality, Affordable In Price


We're sure you've heard it a million times over, but we'll say it again - the only thing keeping your car going in the direction you want to head in are those four little rubber donuts that sit at every corner of your car. 

In fact, those four little donuts only have a contact patch to the road the size of your palm, so it's best you have a good set of tyres that work properly, keeping you safe on the road.

The technology and complexity of tyres have come a long way from their humble beginnings. The same can be said about tyre manufacturers as well, they too have progressed by leaps and bounds even if they are a relatively ‘newer’ player in the industry.

One of these tyre manufacturers that are making waves in the tyre scene is Rovelo, a tyre manufacturer with a global footprint. Rovelo’s technical expertise and extensive global presence make it one of the most trusted brands on the market today.  What was once a small local enterprise is now an international operation that supplies tyres globally with a network spanning North America, Europe and Asia. Closer to home, STC Tyre Mart S/B has been the exclusive distributor for Rovelo tyres since 2014. 

Rovelo, kicked off their mission to provide good quality tyres through research and development. In a further testament to the quality that is Rovelo tyres, all Rovelo tyres are manufactured to the highest quality with ISO9001 and TS16949 certification for management and ISO14001 certification for environmental management, health and safety systems. 

It is due to the above factors that Rovelo has cemented its place among its users as a  brand that provides the market with a wide range of middle class and economical tyres at competitive prices, without compromising quality. 

Now if you’re looking for a high-quality tyre fit for all-weather and suitable for any roads, then read on...

RHP-A68 - High-Performance Tyres - Passenger vehicles

The RHP A68 is a comfort-based high-performance tyre with great durability. Although it has been designed primarily to provide you with comfort, the RHP-A68 still provides you with a good amount of road grip, wet or dry. Durability is also one of the tyre’s strong points and will save you money in the long run. Some of its key features are:

  • An asymmetrical tread pattern that provides excellent cornering stability while maintaining superior wet traction
  • Tread Sipes which improve braking in all weather conditions
  • Reinforced shoulder ribs that have been engineered for high-speed cornering while extending tread life
  • Available sizes: 12” - 17” 

Sport A1 - Ultra High Performance Tyres - Passenger vehicles

The Sport A1 is Rovelo's take on a UHP tyre with good grip on dry and wet roads. It provides performance whilst being comfortable and quiet. A few of its key attributes are:

  • An asymmetrical tread pattern that provides excellent cornering stability while maintaining superior wet traction
  • Groove design that efficiently drains water for safer driving on wet roads
  • Wave-like shoulder groove design helps reduce noise emissions and increases cornering capabilities
  • Available sizes: 15” - 20”

Road Racer R1 - Ultra High Performance tyre 

The Road Racer R1 is a semi-slick tyre for those looking for extreme grip. It has 180 treadwear, a highly rated AA traction rating and a rated A in the temperature department. Some of its key features are:

  • High-end product with unique sidewall design; employs curved incisions which fully reflects its sporty and urban look
  • Curved grooves improve abrasion resistance and the rounded corners on the tread block edges protects the tire from damage
  • Widened tread and wave-like central rib design ensure greater high-speed stability
  • Sleek and wide shoulder grooves efficiently drain water
  • Big shoulder blocks that improve stability and handling to meet high-performance needs.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Available Sizes: 15”,17” and 18”

Montare HT RV08 - Highway and City SUV tyres

The Montare HT RV08 is Rovelo's specifically engineered tyre for SUVs and crossovers. It delivers good handling and stability that the SUV and crossover of today demand, without compromising ride comfort. Furthermore, the Montare HT RV08 provides a smooth ride for highway cruising. Some of its key features are:

  • The main channel groove design improves grip and driving stability for greater manoeuvrability and braking performance in various road conditions
  • Unique pattern design ensures good vibration and noise absorption to increase driving comfort
  • ​​​​​​​Available sizes: 17” - 19” 

Roadquest HT & Roadquest AT - On/off-road light truck and SUV tyre

The Roadquest HT and AT is a specifically designed tyre for SUVs, pickup trucks and 4x4s. Available in highway terrain(HT) or all-terrain(AT) variant, the HT tyres are aimed at vehicle owners who like to be in safety and comfort while going through long journeys on the highways, while the all-terrain tyres are for owners looking for tyres that are reliable and can handle the tough stuff. Among its key selling points include: 

Roadquest HT (NEW)

  • The main grooves are designed to efficiently expel water and reduce rolling resistance, thus offering greater fuel economy, high-speed stability, and wet traction
  • Fine sipe design increases driving comfort on asphalt and concrete roads
  • Open shoulder design also Improves stability and traction when cornering on wet and dry roads
  • ​​​​​​​Available sizes:15” to 18” & 20”

Roadquest AT

  • The lengthened tread shoulder employs a multi-layered protruding design that improves strength and prevents damage to the carcass, allowing for a safe off-roading experience
  • Widened shoulder grooves and nodules within the tread grooves effectively eject mud, sand, gravel, and other debris to improve grip
  • Tread blocks maintain a staggered bite to improve traction and climbing ability
  • String and widened running surface ensures superior traction performance on all types of road surfaces
  • ​​​​​​​Available sizes:15” - 20”

RCM836 - Commercial and light truck tyre

The newest addition to the Rovelo lineup is the RCM836, a commercial and light truck tyre that provides a great balance between value, quality and performance. Designed to go the distance,  this will definitely come in handy for those hard-working commercial vehicles. The RCM836 will ensure that commercial vehicles stay flat-footed, especially when on assignments delivering important goods. Some of its key highlights include:

  • Three-channel zigzag grooves that maximize traction and water drainage in wet conditions
  • Multi-angle sipe system that provides superior traction in the mud
  • Full-depth acoustic channels that reduce vibrations to maximise passenger comfort
  • Extra-wide shoulders that minimize irregular wear and improve high-speed stability
  • ​​​​​​​Available sizes: 15” and 16”

As you have read, there is a Rovelo tyre for most if not all situations or vehicles in Malaysia.

Being on the top of your game also means constant innovation and progress. True to form, Rovelo’s engineers continue with their research mission and even visit Malaysia at least once or twice every year to collect market information and user feedback for product improvements.

In a nutshell, Rovelo tyres are designed according to Malaysia’s climate, road conditions and applications to suit you and me. As a bonus, Rovelo tyres are also budget-friendly on your wallet. 

You can find out more info about the Rovelo tyre to suit your needs through Rovelo Malaysia’s FB page here or website: 

Now if you’ve made the decision to purchase some Rovelo tyres go ahead and contact us, STC Tyre Mart at: 603-5569 3094/ 5569 3397 or:

Glenmarie Tyre Mart: Hwa   
Cheras Tyre Mart: James



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