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Scott Eastwood is the Face of the New G30 BMW 5 Series

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Scott Eastwood is the Face of the New G30 BMW 5 Series

BMW's commercials can be a little hit and miss. For the new G30 they're looking a a slightly different demographic from the ones they've targetted before, moving more towards the young business professional market. In their most recent videos, we see Scott Eastwood monologue-ing while going about what appears to be his daily routine and hopping into a G30 5 Series. 

It's strange, because you would usually associate this kind of visual and dynamic with the 3 Series, but perhaps this may be a stop-gap measure to prevent the 5 Series from looking like an "old-person's" car. The G30 is a handsome machine by far, so perhaps a younger crowd could see themselves driving one without fear of looking older than they seem. 

The G30 is also more likely to be tech-packed than the lower-end 3 Series, which means it should be appealing to a younger crowd. Self-driving features, gesture controls, and a fine balance between sportiness and comfort- it's hard to find a fault with the G30. 

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