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Subaru’s Insane STI-Tuned Forester Is Making A Comeback!

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Subaru’s Insane STI-Tuned Forester Is Making A Comeback!

2015-subaru-forester-sti-teaser-images-1 Ten years ago, Subaru shoehorned its WRX STI’s 2.5-litre turbo boxer-four engine into its SG-series Forester crossover, calling it the Forester STI. Despite being on sale for only a few short years in Japan, the mad crossover found its way into many other countries including Malaysia, through grey importers and the Japanese performance model gained a big fan base within a short period of time. 2015 Subaru Forester STI Teaser Image 2 Now the people at Subaru have confirmed that their iconic model is making a comeback with the release of several teaser images, along with a world premiere date, November 25th. Details are scarce but from the teaser pictures we can see the 2015 Forester STI will benefit from new alloy wheels, STI-branded brake calipers, signature pink highlights and a front fascia similar to the Forester STI tS concept, which previewed last month. 2015 Subaru Forester STI Teaser Image 3 Like the STI-tuned WRX, the upcoming hot Forester will feature an aggressive body kit, larger wheels, a sportier interior and firmer suspension setup. As of now, powertrain details are unclear but the 2014 Subaru WRX STI’s 305hp 2.5-litre flat-four engine and six-speed stick shift transmission is very likely to find its way into the quick Forester. 2015 Subaru Forester STI Teaser Image 4 Full details will be released when the new Forester STI debuts in less than a month time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Subaru makes this speedy carrier available for markets outside Japan. This post first appeared on our sister site Live Life Drive.


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