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Suzuki Set To Unveil Two Concepts At 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Gerard February 10, 2015 12:26

Two concepts from Suzuki will be premiered at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March – the first being a 5-door hatchback and the other, a compact SUV. Beyond the silhouette images of both vehicles, further details about these two concepts are scarce from the car maker.

First up, we have the iK-2 which Suzuki has labelled as “an ideal compact sized car” with a theme of “Harmonized Force”. Reports indicate that the concept study could preview an all-new model that takes its spot above the Suzuki Swift. Being larger in size, its competition might come from the Honda Jazz and Hyundai i20.

Next up is the iM-4 dubbed as an “iconic mini 4x4”, indicating to us that it could very well be the all-new Suzuki Jimny, which is sold locally.

With Carscoops’ reporting that Suzuki is looking to launch six all-new models by 2017, we can expect these concepts to be a rough indication of the vehicles to come in the future. More details about the Suzuki iK-2 and iM-4 concepts will be revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month.

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