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Suzuki To Bring Swift Sport Concept With 1.4 Turbo And 4WD To Tokyo Motor Show

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Suzuki To Bring Swift Sport Concept With 1.4 Turbo And 4WD To Tokyo Motor Show

Come October, the world’s automotive media will converge, physically and virtually, on the Japanese capital for the Tokyo Motor Show. Suzuki might be choosing that venue to unveil a new hot Swift with a fresh turbo engine and advanced dual-clutch transmission.

Not only that, but reports suggest that the concept would also feature an all-wheel drive system. Could this be the first inkling of an hot hatch people’s hero from Suzuki? It certainly has the makings for it.

The 1.4-litre turbocharged engine is endowed with the company’s ‘Boosterjet’ technology that first made its appearance in the smaller displacement 1.0-litre variety during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and later slated to be fitted in the Chinese market variant of the Suzuki S-Cross.

In that tune it is said to produce 136PS and 220Nm, reaching the front wheels via a CVT. Should Suzuki be inclined, that power output could likely see a considerable bump when slotted into a new Swift Sport.

The all-wheel drive system, too, is rather interesting as it is reported to send all drive to the front wheels while cornering and re-engages the rear wheels when accelerating.

Of course, there’s no confirmation until we clap our eyes on the Suzuki booth in Tokyo a couple of months from now, and even then there’s no guarantee that the car would survive the transition to production, assuming it makes it at all. 

Here's hoping it the new Swift Sport concept looks like 2011's Swift S concept, cause that was a little stunner. 

Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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