Tanjung Aru's beach car boot sale extended - more car boot sales should take place around the country

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Tanjung Aru's beach car boot sale extended - more car boot sales should take place around the country

We should have more car boot sales in Malaysia as it's a great form of sustainable shopping.

Car boot sales are famous in western countries. Not only can you pick up a gem or two at a low price, but you can also sell your unloved goods where it could be a treasure to someone else.

With the world aiming toward sustainable everything, it's good to pass your unloved goods to someone else which is why car boot sales is perfect for everybody, including us Malaysians.

According to The Star, Tanjung Aru's beach car boot sale is getting so much positive feedback, they have decided to extend it. 

Held every Saturday and Sunday, this sustainable shopping and thrifting feature everybody from young entrepreneurs, petty traders and housewives who wish to earn extra income.

Tanjung Aru car boot salePhoto credit: The Star

Tanjung Aru Eco Development executive director Datuk Ismail Abdullah said the weekly event was an effort by the management to make the beach a mainstay of the local community.

“The car boot sale is held every (weekend) from 10am to 10pm and there is no admission fee,” he said to The Star.

“Residents around Tanjung Aru and Kota Kinabalu are welcome (to come).
“Everyone is encouraged to bring their own shopping bags or trolleys, tumblers, and food containers (to be eco-friendly),” said Ismail.

The organisers are hoping that the programme attracts more park visitors as well as local traders to buy and sell their wares.

We think this is a good idea as everyone can sell their unloved goods to those that might actually appreciate them. If we can do this, then think about all the stuff getting a new life, instead of heading towards the garbage tip, or worse, just being dumped by the side of the road. 

Hey, who knows, you might find a gem or two, like those rims or car parts you've been hunting for a long time, solving many problems at once. 

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