The Circuit Safari is Crazier than the One in the African Fields

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The Circuit Safari is Crazier than the One in the African Fields

When one mentions ‘Safari’, the first thing that pops up in our minds is a bunch of people sitting in the bus that is stopped in the middle of an open field in Africa, probably witnessing a lion munching down a zebra for lunch.

But this “Safari” you’re looking at now, called the Circuit Safari, which took place at the Fuji Speedway in Japan during a round of Super GT championship recently, is nothing like the one we mentioned earlier. In fact, it is scarier and in true Japanese way, odder.

What happened was that people were given bus rides on the Fuji Speedway while the practice session was actually going on. So, as the bus was crawling its way around, it was being overtaken by Nissan GTRs at speeds of more than 200km/h!

As you can see, the host and his buddies appear to be more excited than a bunch of children who’re looking at a lion for the first time of his or her life.

While some of you, especially those who are big Super GT fans are aware that the circuit safari has been a part of the championship for more than a decade; many are still unaware of the activity’s existence. In fact, it even happened right here at the Sepang during the Malaysian Super GT round a few years ago.

But now that the championship is no longer part of the Sepang International Circuit's calendar, we probably have to head to Japan to get a taste of the Circuit Safari.

As fun and thrilling as it is, let us hope that the bus and the race cars don’t get too close to each other at any time in the future.

Interesting, isn’t it? Which racetrack would you want to explore in a bus while being overtaken by racing cars? 

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