The Eighth Generation Volkswagen Golf Is Here, And It's More Intelligent Than Ever

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The Eighth Generation Volkswagen Golf Is Here, And It's More Intelligent Than Ever

As much as we talk about icons in the car world, it is the mass-market models that are the most important - and one model that the world has been waiting patiently for is the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf. Yes, the model we know as the Golf 7.5 was developed as an interim step due to various unfortunate circumstances for Volkswagen, but they've collected themselves and come back with a truly exciting model.

That Volkswagen chose to launch this car in Wolfsburg amid the hubbub of the Tokyo Motor Show last weekend was a strong indication of their faith in the birthplace of the Golf namesake, as well as their gratitude for Wolfsburg's continued support in producing the critically acclaimed hatchback. Expected to go on sale by the end of 2019, the eighth generation Golf will come with mild-hybrid powertrains from the get-go, firing an opening salvo with the eTSI in 110 PS, 130 PS, and 150 PS states of tune.

The eTSI powertrains operate with a 48V system that comprises of a belt starter-generator, a 48V lithium-ion battery, and the TSI engines that we already know and love. In addition to this, PHEV models will be made available with 204 PS, or a staggering 245 PS in GTE trim. Diesel and natural gas powertrains will also be available, but aren't likely to appear here.

Of course, the powertrain isn't the highlight for the all-new model, as is the case for most manufacturers. The latest and greatest wave of consumers isn't as concerned about performance as they are about connectivity and integration, as well as autonomous technology, and the eight generation Golf delivers in spades.

Thanks to an Online Connectivity Unit, the Golf stays consistently connected with the outside world with a variety of online functions and services. It also allows for connecting to Car2X, which delivers information from infrastructure and other vehicles as far as 800 metres away in order to notify the driver of any potential hazards.

And perhaps the most interesting note of all is that this all-new model is capable of assisted driving at speeds of up to 210 km/h, which means we aren't far away from a fully autonomous Golf. In this day and age you can expect manufacturers to roll out multiple minor updates over the course of a car's lifespan, as opposed to the 3-to-5-year bump, which could also mean firmware upgrades over the air improve the functionality of your car over the course of ownership.

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