The Ford Mustang is the Best Selling Sports Car in The World

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The Ford Mustang is the Best Selling Sports Car in The World

Just three days ago, the Ford Mustang celebrated its 56th birthday, and to make the occasion even more special, the model also celebrated becoming the world’s best-selling sports car of 2019.

Having sold 102,290 units worldwide, the Mustang’s sales in 2019 saw significant increases in many countries.

While sales in Germany increased by 33 percent, Poland saw sales rising by nearly 50 percent, and in France, they nearly doubled. The Mustang is also America’s best-selling sports car of the last 50 years.

2019 also marked the fifth consecutive year that Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe in the world.

With up to 12 enthusiast models available globally, Ford said that this is actually the new “golden age” of Mustang performance as there are many options for customers around the world to choose from.

These Mustang variants include the EcoBoost and GT models each with two Performance Pack options, the Mustang Bullitt, the Mustang Shelby GT350, Shelby GT350R, plus Shelby GT500 with Handling Pack and Carbon Fiber Track Pack options.

Since the sixth-generation Mustang’s global exports began in 2015, through December 2019, Ford has sold 633,000 Mustangs in 146 countries around the world – including 102,090 Mustangs in 2019.

That being said, it looks like the Mustang is all set for a bright future ahead, putting smiles on the faces of muscle car fans worldwide, as well as future generations.

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