The Honda City Sedan facelift features minimal changes

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The Honda City Sedan facelift features minimal changes

Honda City Sedan facelift will be launched in India soon, featuring minimal changes.

There have been rumours that Honda is about to reveal a Honda City sedan facelift in India, with many publications getting hold of rendered images prior to its launch.

Well thanks to scoop specialist,, we can now actually see some real-life photos of the vehicle.

Honda City facelift IndiaPicture credit: Headlightmag

As with a lot of Honda facelifts, changes to the City sedan are minimal, featuring a redesigned front bumper as well as a slimmer chrome strip that stretches from one headlight to the other. Look quickly, and you wouldn't even notice the redesigned chrome strip.

Speaking of looking at the car quickly, if you do take some time, you will notice that the grille design has also changed, no longer featuring a honeycomb-type design. Judging by its looks, this is probably a top-spec model, so we're not sure what the lower variants will be getting.

Honda, however has maintained the sharp and stylish headlights with nine LED elements as before, and we can safely assume that all variants will maintain this look.

2024 Honda city facelift, IndiaPicture credit: Headlightmag

At the rear, the City sedan facelift seems similar to the current model, and the same goes for the wheels, which look like the wheels on the current model.

2024 Honda City facelift IndiaPicture credit:

The same could be said about the interior, as it looks very similar to the current model although the refreshed model might come with more added features, such as wireless charging, ventilated seats, a new infotainment system featuring better Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity.

When it does eventually come to Malaysia, you can probably expect the same powerplants being offered currently, which include a 1.5-litre NA and a 1.5-litre hybrid. 

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