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The Putrajaya MRT Line is expected to fetch around 200,000 passengers

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The Putrajaya MRT Line is expected to fetch around 200,000 passengers

The long-awaited full operation of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Putrajaya Line is coming closer by the day, and when it is in full swing, it is expected to fetch around 200,000 passengers within two years.

The line is expected to be fully completed this March, and Transport Minister, Anthony Loke Siew Fook is optimistic about its operation.

He said to Bernama that the MRT Putrajaya Line Phase Two is now 99.9% complete, and he hopes it attracts more members of the public to use the service.

Putrajaya MRT Line phase 2

"We hope it can reach 200,000 daily passengers within a two year period, that is our hope, but like any MRT or LRT (Light Rail Transit) service, it will take time to reach that target.

"Like MRT Satu and Kajang Line (MRT Kajang Line), we started with a low number, but since then, it has reached about 200,000 passengers. It took about two years to reach that number," he said.

The starting frequency will see a five-minute interval between each train. The Putrajaya MRT Line project cost RM30.53 billion, covering 36 stations and involving 49 train sets.

Anthony Loke also took the opportunity to say that he is looking into upgrading the Titiwangsa station, as it is part of the route and is one of the main transport hubs connecting several modes of transport, namely the monorail, Ampang LRT route, MRT2 (Putrajaya route) and MRT3 which will be built.


"Initially the station expansion was planned together with the construction of the MRT3, but I told the MRT Corp that maybe we need to look at this and do it earlier, before the (MRT3) construction," he said.

The full operation of MRT Putrajaya Phase Two will also make it easier for the public to access Kuala Lumpur Hospital, especially when it is equipped with a 400-meter 'walkalator'. 

107 intermediary buses are also provided to support the MRT2 service, hopefully encouraging the public to use the facility.

Grab and MRT line cooperation

The ministry will also examine various approaches to improve the first and last-mile system, including the proposal to introduce vehicle sharing in collaboration with e-hailing companies which will hopefully result in cheaper fares.

Asked about the latest status of MRT3, Loke said his side was waiting for project approval and tender approval from the Ministry of Finance.

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