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Tokyo 2015: Honda Reveals Motor Show Special S660

Daniel Wong October 28, 2015 11:34

Despite its diminutive kei-car dimensions, Honda’s S660 is an infectiously cheerful little thing, and for the Tokyo Motor Show Honda has given it a dark and edgier look with the Motor Show Special Collection. 

Sporting a matt metallic gun metal paintjob with an offset black and white stripe, gloss black rims, and Alcantara upholstered seats and dashboard trim, the S660 looks more like a tiny little go-kart space ship fit for Darth Vader, rather than a car.

Aside from sprucing up its exterior the S660 still retains the same kei-car mid-mounted 660cc turbocharged engine which produces 64PS and 104Nm of torque.

The S660 Motor Show Special Collection is a one-off concept to grace the motor show stand. But not that Honda needs to put it on sale, as enthusiasts of Japan will surely lift plenty of cues from this little showpiece to inspire theirs. 

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