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Toyota Australia Unveils HiAce Convertible, Optional PieAce Kit

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Toyota Australia Unveils HiAce Convertible, Optional PieAce Kit

It's a thing of beauty. Toyota Australia has taken the covers off what looks to be the most promising light commercial vehicle of the year: the limited edition HiAce convertible. Based off of the HiAce van, just 2,019 units of this landau-esque model will be built and sold. The 2,019 units will be split evenly across the regular wheel base, long wheel base, and super long wheel base models, as well as the five seater crew vans and 12-seater buses.

But more important than that, is an optional bit of kit that's known as the PieAce. This is what truly takes the HiAce convertible to new heights, with cutting edge technology and practicality that's unparalleled in any modern vehicle.

What separates the PieAce from a HiAce? There are strong hints in the name, and everyone knows how much Australians love their meat pies. The most critical components of all are the pie-centric features, and they are aplenty. A fan-forced oven and grill that can hit 250 degrees celsius cooks pies at a blistering pace, with controls mounted directly on the steering wheel as well.

Unfortunately, you can't buy one of these - not now, and not ever - because it's a fairly elaborate April Fools stunt. We're only half disappointed though, because a van that's capable of cooking pies on the go sounds like a fantastic idea to us. 

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