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Toyota Raize Space could arrive here as the next-gen Perodua Aruz

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Toyota Raize Space could arrive here as the next-gen Perodua Aruz

Rumours are swirling around that Toyota and Daihatsu are working on another SUV. This time it's another sub-3-meter wheel-based SUV with seven seats, heavily associated with the Toyota Raize.

How has this assumption come about? Well, apparently, Toyota has registered trademarks, registering the name Raize Space.

If you're unfamiliar with the Toyota Raize, it's essentially the same vehicle with some cosmetic differences and badging as the Perodua Ativa and Daihatsu Rocky. They are the result of a collaboration between Toyota and its subsidiaries. 

2024 Toyota Raize SpacePicture credit:

Since the trademark name in plain sight is Raize Space, the educated guess would point to the direction of a more spacious Raize equipped with three rows of seats. 

Since there's no successor to the Toyota Rush/ Perodua Aruz, the big assumption is that the Toyota Raize might be the one to fill in the gap.

Yes, the Rush/Aruz siblings seem like a bigger car, but when you compare the body width and wheelbase length, there's little difference between it and the Toyota Raize. 

2023 Toyota Calya

Plus, if Honda can equip a 2.6-meter wheelbase(New Honda BR-V) with three rows of seats, we're confident that Toyota can do it too. This wouldn't be the first time Toyota has crammed so many seats in a shorter wheelbase, as the Indonesia-specific Toyota Calya/Daihatsu Sigra with its 2.5 meter wheelbase has seven seats.

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