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VIDEO: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Spy Video Shows It All

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VIDEO: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Spy Video Shows It All

Here’s a scoop of another Mercedes-Benz SUV that may come to Malaysia next year: the GLS-Class. Unready for a global debut just yet, the GLS-Class here is seen wearing little camouflage, revealing most of its gigantic body for the masses to see.

What is a GLS-Class? Well, like the GLE-Class which took over from the ML-Class, and the GLC which replaced the left-hand only GLK-Class, the GLS is essentially a GL, renamed to fit Benz’s latest nomenclature strategy, and facelifted to show off the brand’s latest styling direction.

Yes, this one’s just a facelift, though – unlike the GLE and GLC which were completely new models.

The new ‘S’ reflects the SUV model’s close ties with the S-Class flagship, to which the GLS is expected to carry forwards similar powertrains, in the same way the GLC adopts what it has from the C-Class, and the GLE from the E-Class.

Very little else has been made officially public, so we’ll let the speculators have at it for now, while we wait for more official details of the coming flagship Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Enjoy the video below, and don’t forget: if you see a pre-launch spy car anywhere, feel free to email us your photos/ videos directly to

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