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VIDEO: Biker That Raged Against Myvi Driver On KL-Seremban Highway To Be Charged

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VIDEO: Biker That Raged Against Myvi Driver On KL-Seremban Highway To Be Charged

The emergence of a video shot from inside a Myvi yesterday showed a disgruntled biker shouting expletives at the two Perodua passengers caused a stir on social media. In fact, we at Carlist did not really know what to make of it as the blame was still a point of contention. 

The biker, a 39-year old Briton, was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle along the KL-Seremban highway, near the University Putra Malaysia exit at around 6.30pm. What exactly occurred is still unclear, but the motorcyclist accused the Myvi driver of almost knocking him off his bike and the passenger showing him an obscene gesture.

The situation got aggressive when the motorcyclist presumably hit his helmet on the windshield of the Myvi, cracking it. The Myvi's driver-side window appears to be broken as well, with pieces of glass seen on the driver's lap. Following that, he urged the driver to step outside for a physical confrontation after peppering the air with more expletives. The Myvi driver responded by repeatedly egging him on to follow him to get the matter resolved at the police station.

He was heard on the phone shortly after asking for a “police friend” because someone had just smashed his windshield. The motorcyclist’s wife, a 28-year old who only wanted to be identified as Marie, writes The Star, claims that she was following her husband at the time in a chauffeur-driven car behind.

She says that the Myvi did hit the motorcycle while trying to overtake another car, clipping the bike’s number plate. Marie continued that her driver forced the Myvi to pull over because the Perodua driver did not respond at first.

Also, she claims that while the video shows the case being rather one-sided, the couple in the Perodua also used abusive words toward them.

As it stands now, the suspect is expected to be charged at the Kajang majistrate’s court today for causing property damage and criminal intimidation, says Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Willey Richard.

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion is advised for the video below as it contains aggression and verbal exchanges laced with strong and profane language.


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Jim Kem

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