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Video: BMW 5 Series vs BMW 5 Series – Comparing The F10 Against The G30


Video: BMW 5 Series vs BMW 5 Series – Comparing The F10 Against The G30

What’s new with the all-new 2017 BMW 5 Series? Plenty, it turns out, despite seemingly only evolutionary changes on the surface. The G30 is the seventh incarnation of BMW’s mid-sized exec sedan carrying on a heritage built from 1972 with the original E12 5 Series.

Through its official channel, BMW has released a short video comparing the G30 side-by-side with its predecessor, highlighting external and internal changes between the two models.

The F10 leaves some pretty big shoes for the G30 to fill; from 2009 to 2016, BMW sold more than 2.2 million units of the F10 worldwide, making it the most successful iteration of the 5 Series ever.

Anticipating similar demand for the G30, BMW has ramped up its production capacity. In addition to the mother plant in Dingolfing, Germany, BMW has also contracted the Magna Steyr plant in Austria to supplement overall production of the G30.

The BMW 5 Series is a name plate with a rich history. We recently had the opportunity to experience its first four model generations whilst attending the G30’s international media launch in Portugal. 

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