VIDEO: Jaguar Previews F-Pace With Undisguised Side Profile Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut


VIDEO: Jaguar Previews F-Pace With Undisguised Side Profile Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut

Jaguar, in the ramp up to the official debut of their F-Pace SUV, has released a picture and a video (below) of the completed car’s side profile, completely camouflaged and, to our eyes, finished in the 'Ultra Blue' colour usually found on the XFR-S. 

The new car’s looks seem to have arrived largely intact from when first saw the crowd-pleasing C-X17 concept back in 2013 which was when we first got wind of Jaguar’s burgeoning SUV intentions.

Jaguar, besides the newly released photo, have kept rather quiet about the F-Pace’s internals and features, clearly opting to release the majority of details alongside the actual car at the full reveal on September 14th on the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show floor.

They did mention that the F-Pace will be based on their modular aluminum platform, sharing it with the XE and XF at its manufacturing facility in Solihull, England. This comes not too long after Jaguar said it would share certain technologies with the F-Type.

They include features such as torque vectoring that works in tandem with the F-Pace’s all-wheel drive system to make the car more nimble in the corners, coupled with its double wishbone front suspension and integral link rear suspension set up, should give the F-Pace very un-SUV like handling - in a good way. The electric power-assisted steering, too, will be tuned based on knowledge and feedback garnered from the F-Type. 




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