VIDEO: Motorcyclist Saves Child Running Across Busy Street


VIDEO: Motorcyclist Saves Child Running Across Busy Street

This one may not be for the faint-hearted, but thankfully, no one was injured. We're sharing this video in the hope that this sort of thing doesn't happen again.

A new video has just come to our attention, making its rounds on social media, and is a due reminder to all parents to please be mindful of your children and their whereabouts at all times.

The incident is believed to have taken place last Thursday (18th, June 2015) at Jalan Kampung Sireh in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, where a child, no more than the age of two to four, is seen running across a busy street.

Obviously, the child’s parents are nowhere to be seen in the video, completely clueless to the whereabouts of their child. The child crosses one lane, then almost another, then dashes back across after almost being hit by two motorcycles, then freezes in the middle of the street.

Thankfully, a motorcyclist out of camera stops and runs to the child’s aid, carrying him safely across.

This is a reminder to all parents to be mindful of your children’s whereabouts – roadside or not. This sort of responsibility isn’t something newly required, nor should journalists be the ones to highlight to parents. But the devastating result of what could have been should that child not be so lucky is something we cannot stomach. Yet, we’re sure this sort of recklessness occurs more often than we like to know.

Please. Take care of your children. The road is far from somewhere a child should be playing, let alone be left to wander about.

Watch this, be thankful nothing happened, and share it with your friends and family as a reminder to be more careful.

To the motorcyclist who saved the child, you are a hero.

If for some reason the video below doesn’t work with your browser (we’re working on a fix), click HERE to watch the video.

Mohon ibubapa lebih peka terhadap keselamatan anak2

Mohon ibubapa lebih peka terhadap keselamatan anak2. Lokasi kejadian, Jalan Kampung Sireh, Kota Bharu. Kejadian berlaku semalam 18/6/2015.More : Sukan Star TVBy : Sukan Star .com @

Posted by Sukan Star TV on Friday, 19 June 2015

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