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VIDEO: Watch A Volkswagen Beetle Demolish A Ford Mustang In A Drag Race

Gerard July 1, 2015 13:55

You’re probably wondering how in the world a Volkswagen Beetle (the classic one nonetheless) can match up against a V8-powered Ford Mustang.

However, like a scene straight out of the Herbie movie series, this little blue Beetle manages to outdrag its black, menacing Mustang competitor from start to finish. Of course, it can’t do so on its stock engine which is why the one seen here has been tuned by Kaddie Shack in Los Angeles to deliver the power to accomplish this feat.

In the video, you can hear the announcer scoffing the Beetle’s chances but once the lights turn green, the Bug manages to pop a short wheelie before zooming off to the finish line, leaving the announcer shocked as well.

Just another reminder not to underestimate something just by the way it looks. You go little Beetle!

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