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VIDEO: Woman Wrecks Brand New Audi Q3 Gifted To Her Because It’s Too Small

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VIDEO: Woman Wrecks Brand New Audi Q3 Gifted To Her Because It’s Too Small

Most people would be happy to receive gifts from others, be it a watch, pen, or even some money. In fact, it is safe to say if that gift turned out to be a brand new car, we’d be over the moon, right?

Not quite, at least for this woman seen in a video recently uploaded onto YouTube. Before we jump into things, here’s a little background info.

See, the woman seen here has a boyfriend who gifted her a brand new Audi Q3 crossover SUV, which in China, is priced at 420,000 yuan or RM292,798 if we follow our current exchange rate.

In the video, she is seen ranting about the size of the vehicle given to her after having gotten into an argument with her boyfriend about the same exact issue. Instead of settling the issue through other means (exchanging for the larger Q5 or Q7 for instance), the Audi Q3 becomes a helpless victim of her rage as she is seen repeatedly smashing the brick against the SUV’s body.

Sources say the incident happened at a local car park and surprised bystanders could do nothing to stop the woman who continuously attacked the car. By the time the police were called in to handle the situation, the Audi had already suffered substantial damage with broken windows, sides, door handles, and side mirrors removed. The damages are estimated to cost approximately 50,000 yuan (RM34,701).


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