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Watch How The Car Skydiving Scene In Furious 7 Was Shot


Watch How The Car Skydiving Scene In Furious 7 Was Shot

Watching cars skydive out of an airplane in the most recent Furious 7 trailer was mighty exciting but have you ever wondered how the sequence was done? Well, Universal Studios have released this short featurette that shows us just what went on behind the scenes of that amazing sequence and it is not a job for the faint-hearted.



If you were expecting a bunch of people working on computers, completely rendering the entire scene with computer-generated imagery (CGI), you’re in for a surprise. Instead, what the crew has done is load up the vehicles on to a C-130 plane and rigged them with parachutes.

Next, three expert aerial camera flyers jump with the cars as they are pushed out of the plane and the filming begins. With only a helicopter spotter to guide them down and more importantly, to spot the out of control cars accelerating towards the ground thanks to gravity.

Free falling at 209 – 225 km/h, the flyers have to be constantly aware of where everyone and everything else is, while trying to get a good shot for the movie. Talk about a stressful job that might kill you.

Furious 7 hits theatres on 3 April 2015.

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