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Yes, you can now thrash a Toyota Alphard around a track in Gran Turismo 7

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Yes, you can now thrash a Toyota Alphard around a track in Gran Turismo 7

The latest Gran Turismo 7 patch now allows you to take the Toyota Alphard around the Nurburgring.

Some cars have a special place in a country's culture, which makes them more valuable and sought-after. For example, the Toyota Alphard is more appreciated here in Malaysia than the Mercedes S-Class, while in Europe, it'll be the opposite.

Gran Turismo 7, Toyota Alphard

With that being said, the latest Gran Turismo 7's free March update might be an interesting one for Malaysians because apart from a couple of notable Porsches, an Audi and a Mazda, one of the most interesting cars to come with the patch is, yes you guessed it, A Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge.

Thanks to this patch, you can now drive a Toyota Alphard around the Nurburgring, which by the way has also been updated to feature an Endurance circuit with 85 turns over 24 kilometres and a Sprint course which incorporates 12 turns over 3.6 kilometres of track.

The funny things is, Polyphony Digital, the creator of Gran Turismo, says the new course additions should be perfect for lower-speed road cars, which means they are trying to imply that the Alphard is slow. 

Gran Turismo 7, Mazda 3

Try telling that to a Malaysian with a Toyota Alphard, because they tend to drive their nearly 300hp van like it's the fastest thing in the world. Well, if you wish to test a Toyota Alphard to find out its limits, you can now do it safely in the comfort of your home.

The other car that might be more relevant to us would be the Mazda 3 as that too is sold locally. While many wish to buy the car but choose not to because it just doesn't make the most sense, you can now take it for a test drive virtually and keep it in your garage.

Of course the 1964 Carrera GTS (904), the 1987 Porsche 959 and the  Audi RS5 Turbo TM Racecar are interesting cars, but we're pretty sure Malaysians will blow their credit on the Alphard and the Mazda 3, as they are relatable to our lives.


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