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You Have 2 Days To Settle Your Summonses, Says Police: Ops Warta Kicks Off Thursday

Chris Aaron August 25, 2015 00:56

 This Thursday, the 27th of August 2015, is D-Day for the return of Ops Warta, says Bukit Aman traffic chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff.

The top man from Bukit Aman says that the police will be back to its road-blocks and door-to-door nabbing of those with unsettled arrest warrants or unpaid summonses.

As reported by The Star, the police chief is quoted to say that, “In May this year, a total of 240,000 arrest warrants were settled of the 1.59 million outstanding warrants.

"Traffic police nationwide will begin tracing and arresting those who have yet to settle the 1.35 million arrest warrants. We will be conducting roadblocks and conducting door to door visits to trace and catch these hardcore traffic offenders.”

"Take advantage of the next two days to settle your summonses."

So then, you’ve been duly warned.

We respect the police chief’s decision to firmly lay down the law, but the fact that these road blocks and “kicking down of doors” will only take place in two days’ time, does that equally mean that errant motorist will be allowed to abuse road rules without concern for roadblocks over the next two days? Let’s hope not.

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