Your Photos Can Help The JPJ Catch Traffic Offenders

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Your Photos Can Help The JPJ Catch Traffic Offenders

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is calling upon the public to help curb the problem of motorists abusing the emergency lane or committing any other traffic offences.

Members of the public can channel their complaints along with any photographic proof of these errant motorists “in action” to the JPJ’s official e-mail address at This includes photos posted on social media which shows the traffic offence being committed.

When submitting the complaint and photos of the offence taking place, do include a few additional details including the date, time of the offence, registration plate of the vehicle, and the type of offence committed (abusing the emergency lane, etc).

After the complaint has been received, the JPJ will begin investigations by first issuing Notice 114, which is a questioning order, to the vehicle owner so that a statement can be made relating to the offence committed. If found guilty, Notice P22, which is a summons notice, will be issued towards the vehicle owner.

So, if you had enough of errant motorists on the roads around you, do your part and report them directly to the JPJ.

Drivers, do remember to avoid attempting this yourselves, whilst driving. Fiddling with your mobile devices while driving isn't smart. If you have a dash-cam, by all means, let it record, submit it later. Else, please use a passenger to do this. Even still, do try to be discreet about it. No point angering other motorist by shoving a camera in their faces.



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