Alfa Romeo Giulia's Gorgeous Interior Revealed, Modern Italian Flair

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Alfa Romeo Giulia's Gorgeous Interior Revealed, Modern Italian Flair

While the world rejoices at the Giulia sports sedan, Alfa Romeo’s big bet on the company’s resurgence, the fact remains that a large portion of the car is still not known apart from a few select specifications and exterior images and a video (below).

Autovisie, a dutch online motoring site, has somehow managed to procure a picture that very clearly details the Giulia’s interior, shedding light on a previously unknown portion of the car.

What do we see here? On first impressions the interior does make a very positive one, as did mostly all Alfas, in fact. The interior material options are reportedly revealed by Alfa to be alcantara, carbon fibre, leather, and wood, among others. Emphasis was also placed on the material quality as well as the interior fit and finish. Fingers crossed on that last one.

The steering wheel features a Ferrari-esque red start-stop button placed near the centre. Beyond that there is the instrument cluster with a speedometer that runs up to 330km/h, this lines up nicely with the projected abilities of the range-topping Quadrifoglio’s 510hp 6-cylinder engine and 3.9 second century sprint time.

Moving to the centre, we have a large in-car screen that, in the picture, is displaying various vehicle parameters - other modes would bring up the infotainment system controls and such. It’s not yet known whether touch input is supported but there is a control knob positioned behind the gear lever, which might be a safer and more ergonomic navigation method.

Speaking of that gear lever, we see the manual shifter fitted to this car, used to send all that power to the rear wheels. Sandwiched between the gear knob and the circular controller is Alfa’s DNA driving mode switcher to go between the Dynamic, Natural, Efficient, and Advanced Racing presets. 

From the looks of it, Alfa Romeo has taken some interior cues from the very cars that the Guilia, much like it's predecessor the 159, will be competing against: primarily, the German small sedans. There is still a definite sense of Italian flare in this interior, which may only become more evident once Alfa reveals more trim options.

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