All-New 2017 Toyota Camry Previewed Ahead Of Japan Debut

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All-New 2017 Toyota Camry Previewed Ahead Of Japan Debut

Having already made its global debut in USA during January’s Detroit Auto Show, the all-new Toyota Camry will soon be making an entry in its home market Japan.

Gearing up to the all-new Camry's Japanese market debut, Toyota has released a Japanese language teaser video, going behind the scenes of the all-new Camry's development.

The all-new Camry seen here is primarily aimed at consumer in North American and Japan, and is not related to the Camry models sold elsewhere in Asia, including Malaysia.

However in some markets like Thailand, Australia and China, both versions of the Camry are sold. Thailand for example, imports the Australian-market Camry and sells it there as the Camry ESport, selling it alongside regular Camry models that we are all familiar with.

The all-new Camry shown here will only go on sale in USA in December 2017, but seeing that Toyota has already started pre-launch activities in Japan, it is quite possible that the all-new model will be launched in Japan well before December.

Prices and specifications have yet to be announced but it’s quite likely that the Japanese market Camry will continue with the current model’s hybrid-only engine line-up. In the US, the all-new Camry will be offered with three engine options – a 3.5-litre V6 petrol, a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol, and a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol-electric hybrid.

The Japanese market Camry however, will get additional styling options from Toyota's in-house Modellista and TRD divisions.

Like most all-new Toyota models, the all-new Camry will be built on the Toyota’s latest TNGA architecture, which Toyota says allows for a more dynamic character. 

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