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Almost all bookings for Perodua Axia to be converted to 2023 model

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Almost all bookings for Perodua Axia to be converted to 2023 model

Perodua has received over 3,500 bookings for the all-new 2023 Perodua Axia, but what about those who placed their bookings last year for the previous-gen model?

Over 44,000 bookings are still being processed by Perodua and the majority of them will be converted to the new 2023 Perodua Axia model. According to Datuk Seri Zainal Abidin Ahmad, President and CEO of Perodua, most of the customers who are still on the waiting list have been contacted by dealers and they were happy to make the switch.

Bookings made during sales tax exemption still applicable

2023 perodua axia price specs malaysia variants

One of the main reasons Perodua received positive feedback from its customers to 'upgrade' to the new 2023 Axia is the fact that those who book during the sales tax exemption period but are still on the waiting list can still enjoy the tax rebate if they opt to convert to the new 2023 Axia model.

While the estimated prices for the new 2023 Perodua Axia start from RM38,600 to RM49,500, the slight increase in the price range also meant that the customers will be getting more bang for their buck, especially after experiencing what the range-topping 2023 Axia AV model with all of its bells and whistles.

Plus, the new Axia is indeed bigger in dimensions as it's built using the DNGA platform, so a slight price increase also means that you're essentially getting a bigger Axia car fitted with a lot more specs and features that are not available in the previous-gen model.

Same engine with new D-CVT gearbox

2023 perodua axia price specs malaysia variants

The addition of the new D-CVT gearbox paired with the current 1.0-litre three-cylinder 1KR-VE engine offers a more fuel-efficient yet responsive performance for the new Axia. We were quite impressed at how un-sluggish the new Axia accelerated compared to the previous-gen model, which presented itself as a car with improved performance.

Other additions in the new 2023 Perodua Axia range are:

  • ABS with EBD & BA
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • Hill-start Assist (HSA)
  • Traction Control (TRC)
  • Solar & Security Window Film (SE & AV variants) + more

As posted before, bookings for the new Axia are now open with an estimated price tag ranging from RM38,600 to RM49,500. More details will be posted on the official launch date on 14 February 2023. To know more, CLICK HERE.

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Sep Irran Halid

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