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Anthony Loke: More AES Cameras Will Be Added

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Anthony Loke: More AES Cameras Will Be Added

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has confirmed that more Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras will be added along the PLUS highway, especially around accident-prone areas.

According to a report by Utusan Online, Loke mentioned this after the recent accident involving a cement mixer and an express bus that collided nearby the Menora tunnel last week, which resulted in seven injuries.

Loke said that enforcement officers from JPJ are stationed on both ends of the tunnels to warn drivers.

In an effort to deter motorists from speeding, Loke said that the Transport Ministry will be working with PLUS to install more AES cameras around accident-prone areas, including around the Menora tunnel.

He also added that this is done to ensure that drivers obey the speed limit and to ensure that accidents are minimized. “Another factor that causes accidents is speeding. We want to reduce drivers from speeding in these areas. We hope that with the additional AES cameras, it will reduce the speed of vehicles in the area,” Loke said.

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