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ASEAN NCAP Releases Chart To Help Consumers Pick The Safest Car For Their Budget

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ASEAN NCAP Releases Chart To Help Consumers Pick The Safest Car For Their Budget

ASEAN NCAP has released a useful table to evaluate and rank the most affordable cars with the highest safety rating they have given. The ‘Star vs Price Chart’ distils the cars that are available in Malaysia to provide consumers with a better, bigger picture of the where they fit in terms of safety.

“Making safer cars is relatively easy compared to ensuring people to buy safe cars,” said the ASEAN NCAP Secretary-General while meeting at his office on 3 July 2015. “A few years back and today still, pricing plays a major factor when purchasing a car, yet safety concerns are growing especially in Malaysia and Thailand,” he added.

Despite the personal mobility of automobiles that has played a large role in some ASEAN countries, sustainable mobility is a more forward thinking concept to ensure a safer and more environmentally conscious future.

The concept is a fundamental cornerstone to the “Affordable Safety” effort released by ASEAN NCAP in August 2014 during its 1st ASEAN Automobile Safety Forum. In essence, it hopes to ensure that in the future, even the cheapest of cars will comply with increasing safety requirements.

Professor Dr Wong Shaw Voon, Chairman of ASEAN NCAP, predicts that safety will play a much more central role in the car buying decisions of the future, stating that consumers will accept nothing less than a 5-star rating.

The new release of ASEAN NCAP Roadmap 2017–2020 will ensure that ASEAN NCAP achieves its target to be the most influential organization in the region by guiding manufacturers to keep producing safer cars in the future. Currently, the most affordable car in Malaysia (Perodua Axia) comes with 4-Star ASEAN NCAP safety rating, while the most affordable car in Malaysia with a 5-star rating (AOP: Adult Occupancy Protection) is the Proton Iriz.

You can view both charts and compare the Child Occupancy Protection and Adult Occupancy Protection versus price for yourself here (AOP) and here (COP)

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Jim Kem

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