Auto Accessories Traders: Old 30% VLT Ruling Was Sufficient, New Ruling Too Dark

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Auto Accessories Traders: Old 30% VLT Ruling Was Sufficient, New Ruling Too Dark

Yesterday, Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced the revised window tint regulations, which now allows for the rear windshield and windows to be tinted pitch black.

As expected, the announcement did not sit well with some parties.

Malaysia Automotive Accessories Traders’ Association president Lim Bee Choo said that the previous regulation that mandated a 30% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) was dark enough and anything below that figure would adversely affect drivers.

“If the rear windscreen is fully darkened, what the driver sees through the rear view mirror will also be darkened. It may be okay during the day, but it will be a safety concern at night when the driver has poor visibility due to the dark windscreen. This has been proven by research conducted by the Malay­sian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) throughout the years,” she told The Star.

Dark rear windows may look cool, but when driving at night or in the rain, visibility will be compromised.

In addition to that, dark rear windows pose a risk to surrounding drivers, as drivers behind cannot see through the vehicle ahead of them, potentially delaying their response in an emergency situation.

The new tint regulations also make matters more difficult for enforcement agencies, especially the police force.

Bukit Aman Department of Investigation and Traffic Enforcement director DCP Datuk Azisman Alias said that dark tints make it hard for police officers to check passengers at the rear. In addition to that, he also mentioned that dark tints obstruct the view of police officers trying to catch drivers not wearing their seat belts or using their phones while driving.

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