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Bentley Teases The Interior Of Its Bentayga Luxury SUV

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Bentley Teases The Interior Of Its Bentayga Luxury SUV

The Bentley Bentayga will be the brand’s first luxury SUV slated to be revealed later this year. We can roughly make out how it will look from the outside based on all the spyshots floating around on the interwebs but the interior is a total mystery, until now because Bentley has dropped this teaser video to show us what we might expect to see in its upcoming creation.

From the video, we get to see just some of the technologies that makes its way into the luxury SUV. We are first introduced to the vehicle’s dynamic mode selector that surrounds the start/stop engine button which allows the Bentayga to be set up in order to tackle off-road terrain.

A heads-up display that shows the driver not just the current speed but directions from the navigation system is seen as well. The driver’s digital instrument cluster also features a small display screen for the night vision mode.

Being part of the Volkswagen Group, Bentley has adopted the MLB Evo platform to serve as the Bentayga’s underpinnings. The same platform is also utilised in the all-new Audi Q7.

Bentley won’t be the only newcomer to the luxury SUV market with Rolls-Royce starting development of their own model to compete with the Bentayga.

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