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BMW XM Label Red unveiled - most powerful M car has 1000Nm of torque

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BMW XM Label Red unveiled - most powerful M car has 1000Nm of torque

BMW's most powerful production car has been unveiled, and it ain't no sedan!

When BMW unveiled the XM back in September, it came with performance figures that propelled it right up the M food chain. While 644hp and 800Nm might seem like more than enough power for any SUV, it wasn't enough for BMW. 

BMW XM Label Red

Fast forward to today, BMW has just unveiled the performance version of their performance SUV on their Instagram page. Called the XM Label Red, the new BMW has a power rating of 738 hp and 1000 Nm of torque.

The SUV houses the same 4.4-litre M TwinPower V8 petrol engine as the regular XM, but its e-motor has been tweaked to produce 195 hp and 280 Nm of torque, giving it 94hp and 200 Nm more than the regular XM.

The best thing about this XM Label Red is that it still needs to be finished, as the claimed figures are just estimates based on the vehicle's current stage of development.

BMW XM Label Red instagram postAs for the exterior, the XM label Red has been predictably given a colourful treatment of some red accents across the car. The body panels of the Label Red look the same as the regular XM, but there are now red accents around the illuminated grille, shoulder line and alloy wheels.

2023 BMW XM Label Red

This is far as the unveiling goes, as BMW is still working on the car and might even give it more power. Whatever it is, BMW has promised to give drivers of the XM Label Red "large reserves of power in an instant," which should make it drive like a performance electric vehicle. 

According to the Instagram post, the XM Label Red is coming in the Autumn of 2023. Think the Label Red is an overkill? well, you can always purchase the regular XM, which is actually up for booking now through BMW Malaysia

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