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Bridgestone Launches New Turanza T005A Touring Tyres In Malaysia, From RM437

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Bridgestone Launches New Turanza T005A Touring Tyres In Malaysia, From RM437

Bridgestone Tyre Sales Malaysia has officially introduced its latest tyre in the Turanza range, the Turanza T005A. The T005A replaces the GR100 (introduced in 2014) and boasts better comfort, enhanced wet grip characteristics, and safer handling through improved grip levels. 

The new flagship touring tyre, that target users of premium sedans, is designed to reduce noise and vibration levels. The Turanza T005A features variable pitch in the asymmetric tread pattern that reduces pattern noise, and high-angle sipes that are fine-tuned to soften tyre impact on the road. A special sheet is also placed in the sidewall to reduce damping, thus improving the comfort level.

A new design in the crown (the contact patch of the tyre) has been optimized to ensure consistent contact pressure. Higher and a more consistent contact pressure in the new Turanza T005A versus the outgoing GR100 allows the new tyre to reduce impact noise and shock, translating to a more comfortable ride over rough roads.

Bridgestone has also improved the Turanza T005A at a molecular level, with the company introducing an exclusive Nano Pro-Tech compound in this tyre. The new compound is engineered to strengthen the bond between silica and polymer to increase the contact area, resulting in reduced heat generation and energy loss, leading to better wet performance and safety.


Lastly, chamfering (rounded sipe edges) on the tyre pattern prevents deformation and ensures even contact with the road for improved grip levels for braking and cornering.

The Turanza T005A is available in 21 different sizes ranging from 16-inch to 20-inch, priced between RM437 and RM1,137. Apart from the size 235/60R16, the Turanza T005A covers an aspect ratio range from 55-series to 35-series.

The new tyres are manufactured at Bridgestone's facilities in Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. 

The team was invited to experience the new tyres at Bridgestone's Thailand Proving Ground. You can read all of the experience here! 

If you have a Toyota Camry, Toyota Alphard-Vellfire, Honda Accord, Honda Civic 2016 (FC code), Lexus ES, Mercedes C-class W204, and Volkswagen Passat just to name a few, the Turanza T005A is a great replacement tyre, outperforming its predecessor in all aspects.

16 inches

  • 215/55 R16 93V 
  • 225/55 R16 95V
  • 235/60 R16 100W 

17 inches

  • 215/50 R17 91W
  • 215/55 R17 94W
  • 225/50 R17 94W
  • 225/55 R17 97W
  • 235/55 R17 99W
  • 245/45 R17 95W

18 inches

  • 225/40 R18 88W
  • 245/40 R18 93W
  • 225/45 R18 91W
  • 235/45 R18 98W XL
  • 245/45 R18 100W XL
  • 255/45 R18 103W XL
  • 235/50 R18 101W XL
  • 245/50 R18 100W 

19 inches

  • 245/45 R19 98W
  • 275/40 R19 101W

20 inches

  • 245/40 R20 99W
  • 275/35 R20 102W


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