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Should You Leave Hand Sanitizers In Cars?


Should You Leave Hand Sanitizers In Cars?

We are all doing our part to keep this COVID-19 virus at bay, and one of the ways that we are all participating in this clampdown is by keeping our hygiene practices at the very top of its game. Now more than ever, people are carrying hand sanitizers around - and that's a good thing because it means our hands stay virus-free. 

Taking it around with you is one thing, but leaving hand sanitizers in the car is another, so is it a safe practice to leave hand sanitizers in vehicles? We thought we would ask a hand sanitizer manufacturer regarding this.

Malaysian pharmaceutical company have been at the forefront of producing hand sanitizers for the last five years, but the recent COVID-19 virus has put them into overdrive with regards to creating liquid virus busters such as hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray and more. 

According to the company, hand sanitizers should not be left in vehicles that are left parked under the hot sun. "The active ingredient like alcohol can evaporate under rising temperatures and will lose its effectiveness. In times of crisis like now, something is, of course, better than nothing but we strongly advise against leaving hand sanitizers in hot vehicles. Also, do not use hot hand sanitizers fluid on the skin as it may irritate it, let it cool down first. Last but not least, alcohol does not like heat so it can be flammable if left for long periods in sweltering conditions, so don't leave it in the car", said the company representative.

With this new knowledge, we should now know better than to leave alcohol based hand sanitizers in our vehicles. Take it with you instead, leave those extra bottles at home or in the office instead. After all we're sure you wouldn't want to return to a kereta terbakar.  

Adam Aubrey

Adam Aubrey

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