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Get Offers CR1M to Malaysians!

Insights Offers CR1M to Malaysians!

Too gloomy recently haven't we? No worries, we're here to offer a little bit of help.

Now of course we can't match the generosity of BR1M, but at least we can say our CR1M (Cash Return of One Thousand Malaysian Ringgit) is our sincere effort to 'tolong' a bit. 

The mechanics are very simple, find your next car on, go through the necessary details and upon purchasing the car, show us your proof of ownership transfer and the listing where it's originally posted and you're done! 

Be it if you're buying from a car dealer, or a private seller, or you yourself is uploading your car for free on Carlist to sell it to your sister so that she gets to enjoy the RM1,000 cashback reward, everyone is eligible as long as it is a listing on (below), and there's a transfer of name on the JPJ Registration card of your car. 

And remember, while we are the ONLY automotive marketplace that has an entire department dedicated to check the validity of each seller, as buyers, you yourself must be vigilant and be extra careful with potential frauds. Do check our guide here so that you stay safe as you shop for your next car. 

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Promotion is open to all residents in Malaysia aged 18 years and above
  • Campaign date is from 14th of September 2015 till 31st of October 2015
  • Participants are required to register and make purchase before 31st of October 2015
  • Buyers must register for the promotion, find their desired car on, and purchase the car to be eligible for the cash prize.
  • Case prize of MYR One Thousand Ringgit (RM1,000.00) is limited to first TWENTY (20) Verified Buyers only. 
  • To claim the cash prize, winning Buyers must submit proof of vehicle transfer of ownership and printout of details of the car listing found on on or before 31st October 2015 
  • Promotion is open to private Buyers only. Car dealers and sales agents purchasing cars for reselling or bulk purchase are not eligible to participate. 



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