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CONFIRMED: Tesla is coming to Malaysia

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CONFIRMED: Tesla is coming to Malaysia

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has officially announced that Tesla is coming over to Malaysia.

MITI Minister, Tengku Zafrul, made the announcement on his social media pages welcoming the EV brand into the local market with the message that MITI has finally approved Tesla's application to import their products into Malaysia.

tesla malaysia miti official announcement

In the post, MITI also stated that Tesla will establish three key aspects for the brand's future presence in the country. In the near future, Tesla will set up its Head Office, Tesla Experience & Service Centres, and most importantly, the brand's Supercharger network.

It's indeed quite an achievement for this particular approval from MITI as Tesla is the first applicant of MITI's 'BEV Global Leaders' initiative. The goal is to further boost the demand for EVs in the local market, something that has been constantly growing in the past few years.

This will also establish a pool of job opportunities directly related to the giant global EV brand in terms of skills development as well as 'better paying jobs'. Don't ask about prices though, we're pretty sure it won't be that much more affordable compared to all the grey imports that are already here in the country.


Sep Irran Halid

Sep Irran Halid

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