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Could This Be Our First Real Look At The Upcoming Infiniti Q30?

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Could This Be Our First Real Look At The Upcoming Infiniti Q30?

The Infiniti Q30 is on its way to a production debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but interestingly a new picture has emerged (leaked?) showing what looks to be our earliest look yet at the car.

The photo in question appears on a Russian website Autowp with the title ‘Infiniti Q30 2.2d’. Since it wasn’t obtained directly from the automaker, we can’t be entirely sure about its authenticity.

Having said that, it does look awfully believable, at least to these eyes.

What isn’t entirely clear either is whether this is the Q30 or the crossover variant, the QX30. Since the pictured car does not include the widened arches, higher ground clearance, roof rails and ruggedized panels, we’re leaning to this likely being the Q30.

When it does make its way out on to the roads, the Mecedes A Class-derived hatch will rival the BMW 1-Series and Volkswagen Golf, among others. The strong European association of the car matches it’s manufacturing too, as it will be the first Infiniti to be made in Europe.

Should the 2.2-diesel engine specified alongside the picture prove accurate, it should likely be another Mercedes-sourced component, the same unit used on the European-market Infiniti Q50 that produces 168hp and 400Nm of torque.


Jim Kem

Jim Kem

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