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DBKL Must Also Tow Away Cars From These Areas In June 2022

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DBKL Must Also Tow Away Cars From These Areas In June 2022

Many Malaysians want DBKL to tow away more cars from other residential areas around the Klang Valley to clear up road congestion.

When we wrote about how DBKL was going to start towing away vehicles in Mont Kiara in June, it was met with a lot of comments from netizens who felt that DBKL or even MBPJ could also give many more areas around the Klang Valley the same treatment.

DBKL towing carsIt seems that a lot more areas around the capital are also congested due to illegal parking by inconsiderate motorists.

While there are just too many comments to pickup out, the general census is that many more areas around the Klang Valley could be free of congestion if DBKL and other local city councils further expand the area of towing.

Some areas that were repeatedly mentioned include:

  • Brickfields
  • Pasar Borong Selayang
  • Bandar Sri Permaisuri
  • Sri Petaling
  • Old Klang Road 

DBKL Towing KL area in general

An irate netizen who seemed fed up with the many congested roads in the capital simply challenged DBKL to do this everywhere, not just in an affluent area. He was not the only one to point this out as there were many more netizens who commented that the towing shouldn't ONLY take place in Mont Kiara.

DBKL Towing KLIt does seem that many Malaysians are now starting to get fed up with road congestion caused by inconsiderate motorists. While parking fines can be considered a good deterrent against illegal parking, it seems that it no longer works which is why many Malaysians/ expatriates believe that all city councils should start towing away vehicles to free up road congestion.

Better yet, if we don't want every vehicle to be towed away, why don't we all just be a bit more considerate and park at designated areas which will ultimately clear up the congestion. This way, we all win and together we can have better-flowing roads.

We want you to chime in, and tell us about your area. Is it congested due to illegal parking? Are naughty motorists parking on double yellow lines and blocking the road? Has your local council done enough to help the situation? 

Adam Aubrey

Adam Aubrey

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