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Did You Know That Richard Hammond Never Knew How to Drift?

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Did You Know That Richard Hammond Never Knew How to Drift?

If you’re a petrolhead who religiously follow shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond is a name that needs little introduction. As for those who are less familiar, it is safe to say that the British automotive journalist is among the most popular of his kind in the world.

Now, in most of the motoring TV shows in which Richard was reviewing a kick-ass car, he could be seen pulling amazing stunts with the car – drifting, power-sliding, and everything between.

And for those who have been believing that it was all him, we are sorry to burst your bubbles but apparently our friend right here does not know how to drift.

The truth finally came out in the season finale of Hammond’s latest project alongside James May and Jeremy Clarkson – The Grand Tour which premiered last week, where Hammond admits that, despite what we’ve seen on Top Gear and The Grand Tour all these years, he doesn’t actually know how to drift.

He also revealed that all of the drifting we’ve seen from him has actually been done by stunt drivers and clever editing. So, to learn how to properly drift, he gets help from Michelin.

Michelin’s test driver and expert drifter Jerome Haslin, then gave Hammond a crash course in drifting in a BMW M4, resulting in the co-host finally mastering the art and performing the stunt without the assistance of any professionals.

Now, after watching this video, we couldn’t help it but wonder if the other “icons” of the industry such as Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Harris are really as good as their shows make them look.

What do you think? 

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