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Dongfeng Nissan Commences Production Of Nissan Sylphy EV

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Dongfeng Nissan Commences Production Of Nissan Sylphy EV

Dongfeng Nissan, Nissan’s joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group of China, has started production of the Sylphy Zero Emission at its Huadu plant.

This is Nissan’s first all-electric vehicle built in China specifically for the Chinese market. The Sylphy Zero Emission is built using a combination of knowledge gained from the Nissan Leaf and the platform of the Sylphy, Nissan’s best-selling sedan in China.

Power comes from an electric motor that does 80 kW and 254 Nm, hooked up to a 38 kWh battery. According to Nissan, the Sylphy Zero Emission’s theoretical range is 338 km.

The Nissan Sylphy Zero Emission is also rather feature-laden, as the model is fitted with a reverse camera, anti-glare rear view mirror, Intelligent Emergency Braking (IEB), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Blind Spot Warning (BSW), and Cross Traffic Alert (CTA).

Hiroto Saikawa, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s president and CEO said, “China is already the world’s largest automotive market. But China isn’t just a leader in terms of market size: It stands at the forefront of the development of the industry itself. The market is now evolving extremely quickly, especially in the areas of electrification and connectivity. In fact, China is expected to lead the world in the adoption and spread of EVs in the coming years. We’re confident that the Sylphy Zero Emission rolling off the production line today will become a main player in the EV market here. It’s going to pave the way for our Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy in the Chinese market."

Prices start from CNY 166,000 (~RM 99,912) for the Sylphy Zero Emission.

Gallery: Dongfeng Nissan Commences Production Of Nissan Sylphy EV

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