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Footballers That Drive Ordinary Cars


Footballers That Drive Ordinary Cars

When times are tough, certain things are looked upon differently. With this perspective change, what was once fair, is now inequitable. A great example of this is how people are comparing a footballers' salary to those who are currently serving in the current COVID-19 frontlines. It just seems unjust that those who are saving lives earn so little for their efforts.   

Why do footballers get paid so much money anyway? All they do apart from kicking a ball around tastefully is spend their time ruining cars. One of the things that people loath about footballers is how badly they customise exquisite automobiles. What was once a classy vehicle is now just trashy thanks to them. Here are a few examples;

Stephen Ireland in his mashup Range Rover


El Hadji Diouf's 'blingtastic' Escalade


Mario Balotelli's version of an army vehicle


Imagine the nightmare of trying to sell Cisse's Chrysler 300C


Aubameyang has turned his LaFerrari into OhnoFerrari

But thank heavens they're not all spoilt brats. Some are a bit more sensible like legend Paolo Maldini who was known to drive around in a conservative Fiat 500 for most of his footballing career. Here are also some footballers who have followed in his footsteps.

Bernardo Silva 

Club: Manchester City

Nation: Portugal

Weekly Salary: RM 802,050

Vehicle: Smart ForTwo

Worth in Malaysia

Daniel Strurridge

Club: Trabzonspor

Nation: England

Weekly Salary: RM 695,109 

Vehicle: Hyundai Sante Fe

Worth in Malaysia

N'Golo Kante

Club: Chelsea FC

Nation: France

Weekly Salary: RM 802,817

Vehicle: Mini Cooper S

Worth in Malaysia

Raheem Sterling

Club: Manchester City

Nation: England

Weekly Salary: RM 1,604,121 

Vehicle: Smart ForTwo Grandstyle Edition

Worth in Malaysia: N/A

Thomas Vermaelen

Club: Vissel Kobe 

Nation: Belgium

Weekly Salary: RM 422,418

Vehicle: Nissan Figaro

Worth in Malaysia: N/A


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