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Ford Continues To Do Its Part For Road Safety Awareness

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Ford Continues To Do Its Part For Road Safety Awareness

Ford and local distributor Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) continue their efforts to raise road safety awareness in Malaysia through its global ‘Driving Skills For Life’ (DSFL) initiative – this time with almost 50 students from the Han Chiang College in Penang.

This DSFL event is the latest in a series this year, and the second DSFL programme provided for Han Chiang College following positive feedback and demand from the first event held last December.

Four half-day sessions were provided free-of-charge and were specially tailored to address challenges faced by young drivers, such as inexperience in dealing with unexpected situations, distracted driving, and the importance of ensuring child seats are securely fastened.

The training is also held especially timely, as many students prepare to drive home for the National Holidays in two weeks. Ford’s DSFL workshops primarily encourage safe driving by equipping participants to make the correct decisions when behind the wheel, to reduce the chance of accidents occurring.

DSFL sessions start in the classroom, with participants learning about a range of topics from steering control, to tips for highway driving and driving in the rain as well as fuel-saving tips.

Participants also learn about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or medication, by wearing specially designed goggles that help simulate the experience of driving while movement, coordination and alertness are impaired.

The Ford DSFL programme is now in its tenth year in Asia – around 85,000 participants have experienced the DSFL programme in the ASEAN region since its inception.

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