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Ford Debunks Some Myths About Child Safety In Cars

Jim Kem July 21, 2015 12:20

There’s a lot of noise surrounding the subject of child safety in vehicles. Regulators, experts, and the media often express how important it is, but perhaps there’s a facet of the population that is hesitant to believe them. Ford, however, isn’t one to muddle their words and have released some information that they hope will clear the air. 

Here we have some common practices that we have either been guilty of committing or know of those who do. These run the gamut from simply belting up a child using the standard seatbelts, to the using pre-owned child seats, to variations in child restraint mountings – all worth knowing.

Following the pressure to mandate the use child seats by 2017, it's time we quash some bad practices to make way for an altogether safer future of children travelling in cars. Let’s bust some myths, shall we?

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