Ford Ranger Takes on Some of the Toughest Jobs in Asia Pacific

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Ford Ranger Takes on Some of the Toughest Jobs in Asia Pacific

We all know the Ford Ranger is an extremely capable vehicle, but what's it like in real life scenarios? To find out, Ford put the Ranger through a series of challenges around the Asia Pacific region to see how it would fare. First up is East Malaysia, where the Ranger is made to travel up to the campsite of Kota Belud.


Next up is the outback of Northern Territory, Australia, where a zoologist took a Ranger out into the wilderness in order to find and catch a crocodile to study. The back of the Ranger is large enough to store the captive crocodile and double as a testing platform. 

Moving further South and East, in New Zealand the Ranger returns to more conventional duties, pulling a trailer through some rough construction site terrain. The solid weight of the Ranger allows it to pull the trailer without being destabilized.

A little closer to home is the Phillipines, where the Ranger is used to deliver medicine to typhoon stricken villages. The Ranger's offroad capability and cargo carrying space makes it ideal for this as it allows the driver to get to hard-to-reach places in comfort.

Up north in Thailand, the Ranger is put to work with moving sapling trees in order to counter rapid deforestation. Crossing rivers and crawling along muddy paths is a fairly easy task for the Ranger to handle. 

Finally we have Vietnam, where the Ranger becomes a vehicle for humanitarian aid. Loaded up with books, clothes, and food, the Ranger is taken from Hanoi to one of the poorest remote villages nearly 6 hours away.


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