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From a Vios to a City - find your Japanese dream car with CARSOME

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From a Vios to a City - find your Japanese dream car with CARSOME

As humble citizens, most of us can’t afford multiple vehicles for different needs, wasteful as that is. Therefore, our cars are expected to perform well over a pretty wide spectrum of tasks - and do so reliably.

It’s no surprise that when the team thinks of an ideal car to be bought as an ideal ‘daily’, they tend to come from Japanese automakers. What they may lack in Italian verve or Germanic prestige, they more than make up for with quality engineering and proven dependability (for the most part).

Plain and simply, they get the job done, which is exactly what we prioritise at the end of the day, as every other quality or attribute a car may possess is rendered void if it’s always stuck at the workshop. That said, Japanese cars also cover a wide range of price points. Luckily, a lot of them are rather affordable.

From models like the Honda City, Honda Jazz, to the Toyota Yaris and Corolla, even the Nissan Almera and Mazda 3, CARSOME has an impressive selection of superb cars ready to serve your every daily driving needs.

From now until August 31st, 2023, CARSOME is offering an extended warranty of 1+1 years when you purchase the following CARSOME Certified cars from Japanese automakers:

  1. Toyota Vios: Toyota’s reliability record is world renowned for good reason, and the Vios stands as an excellent choice for daily commutes and general driving. Its supple ride quality can calm frazzled nerves after a long work day, it’s easy to park, and can comfortably sit up to 5 passengers.
  2. Honda City: Here’s another B-segment sedan powerhouse. The City features an incredibly spacious interior and ample boot space for its class. Whether you're navigating the school or grocery run, or even embarking on a longer distance trip, the City will happily accommodate your needs.
  3. Honda Jazz: With nearly all the major attributes of the City, this Honda hatchback has found a place in so many hearts for its sheer versatility and likeable character. Its taller roof means an even roomier cabin while its super versatile Ultra Seats make light work of carrying all kinds of odd cargo!
  4. Nissan Almera: For a reliable daily companion, the Almera fits the bill perfectly. As one of the most budget-friendly Japanese cars available, a pre-owned Almera maintains the expected no-nonsense dependability inherent. It’s also got a most generous boot capacity that can’t easily be ignored.

CARSOME is even sweetening the deal if you choose to sell selected Japanese cars to CARSOME, offering an additional RM500 over the quoted price after they inspect the vehicleif you make an appointment via the CARSOME website or drop into one of their inspection centres with the car you’d like to sell.

Meanwhile, those who sell local cars such as Protons or Peroduas to CARSOME will receive RM300 added onto the quoted selling price post-inspection.

Valid only when you accept our buyout offer after we inspect your car (not if you decide to put your car up for bidding). Applicable on cars with a purchase value above RM10,000 only.

Applicable for:

  • Honda City
  • Honda Jazz
  • Toyota Vios
  • Nissan Almera
  • Honda Civic
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Corolla Altis
  • Mazda 2
  • Mazda 3

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