Hasbro Is Reviving M.A.S.K, 80s Cartoon Fans Race Down Memory Lane

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Hasbro Is Reviving M.A.S.K, 80s Cartoon Fans Race Down Memory Lane

If you’re a child of the 80s, you may remember a TV-series (and accompanying line of toys) called M.A.S.K. Well, apparently Hasbro is bringing the team of crime fighters and their transforming vehicles back. 

The news came via The Toyark, where one of their members covered Hasbro’s 2015 Q2 Financial Call, where they outlined the brands they will cover under their company umbrella going forward, which included a revival of M.A.S.K as evidenced by the logo in their ‘New Brands’ section.

There’s a lot of news going on in the world, but when something comes along that surfaces childhood memories, they tend to drown the others out.

So, for those who aren’t fond of remembering acronyms, M.A.S.K stands for Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand. Don’t ask why it isn’t spelled Command, because we don’t know either. In the series, their nemesis is rival organisation VENOM or Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem. Yeah, it was the 80s. They also had transforming vehicles, naturally.

There was the Switchblade, a helicopter that turns into a fighter jet, Rhino, a semi-truck that turns into a offensive tank-like vehicle, Goliath, an Indycar-style racer that turns into a fighter jet, just to name but a few. There wasn’t much else cooler if you were growing up watching that show.

True to 80s flamboyance, the M.A.S.K team’s base of operations was a huge hollowed-out rock with a petrol station at its base that acted as the main entrance. That aside, members of both organizations wore helmets that concealed their identities and granted them special abilities.

Hopefully, Hasbro and others will choose to bring back other 80s favourites too such as StarCom, Dino-Riders, and The Centurions, with returns to the screen in the works too.  

In addition to M.A.S.K, Hasbro also announced during it’s Q2 financial call that it is also reviving Action Man, Micronauts, and Stretch Armstrong.


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